Veterans Roofing Services (VRS) provides a variety of roof consulting services. Our presence on your next project will ensure that you have been diligent in assuring that any roofing issues will be properly addressed and the craftsmanship will be at its highest level. We will make sure your roof performs well past its warranty period.

Utilizing state of the art technology and years of roofing industry experience, combined with a common sense, ‘hands-on’ approach, VRS has been extremely successful in providing clients with accurate diagnoses and practical cost saving solutions for their roofing needs. We have a proven track record of showing owners how to save money by preserving existing roof assemblies where possible and providing functional, practical re-roofing options when required. It is our goal to help an owner make the most informed, educated and economical decisions when roofing questions arise.

When you need a Roof Consultant:

  • Third Party Evaluation/Verification
  • Roof System Designed per Building Use
  • Due Diligence/Property Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Professionally Managed Roofing Asset
  • Gain Insight on Future Roofing Costs

Our Roof Consulting Services:

  • Roof System Evaluations
  • Establish Roofing Budgets
  • Replacement/Repair Specifications
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Value Engineering Considerations